Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trying and Failing... and Trying Again

As some of you may know, I joined in the Twitter pitch party thing yesterday.  I ended up sending out a bunch of tweets for Djinnocide - in various forms - and a couple tweets for Dying Embers.  And the response I got - I mean, other than from friends - was...


True, one agent did say that if she 'favorited' your tweet, she wanted you to send her pages, and after some checking I realized my Twitter settings didn't alert me when people who aren't my friends favorite my tweets.  (It does now.)  Still, unless that one agent tried to favorite me and I don't know it, I didn't get a single response.

But I tried.  I sent my loglines out into the world during a pitch contest and I didn't die.  I even tweaked my loglines, so they're crisper and catchier.  It took a lot of work, and more than a little indigestion, but I did it.  Of course, it was an epic fail.  But that's not the point.  The point is, I tried something new.  A change was presented to me and I embraced it.

And I will try again.  As many times as I need to try, I will try.  Because the only real failure is giving up.

What about you?  What haven't you given up on?

Oh, and to curb any curiosity for those who don't Twitter or didn't see my tweets, here they are (with the hashtag #pitmad removed)...

Djinnocide - paranormal suspense: Even all-powerful genies aren't safe when someone unleashes the deadliest of wishes.

When Jo began saving her fellow genies from those 3 wishes, she didn't dream they'd ever need saving from something worse. 

When something evil starts killing the genies Jo's devoted her eternity to freeing, she discovers a fate worse than slavery.

When Jo began saving her fellow genies from slavery, she didn't dream they'd ever need saving from something worse.

Emma's mission to kill all her old flames leaves Agent Jace Douglas to catch a murderous pyromaniac despite her own fear of fire. 

Not bad, eh? Or am I the worst pitch-artist ever?

Update: Thanks to the supreme Twitter goddess - you know who you are - I now know how to check if people have favorited any of my tweets.  And, no, nobody did.  :shrug:


  1. Good for you for trying! One day it'll happen! =)

  2. Great attitude! And it wasn't failure, because you stepped outside of your comfort zone and took a step toward your goal.

  3. They're great pitches (imho).

    And good for you for taking the leap!

    You've got to be in it, to win it as they say, so getting off the sidelines and into the game puts you WAY ahead of others.

  4. Thanks for your continuous support, Nat. You're awesome. :hugs:

    I like your way of looking at it, Alex. You only fail if you never try. =o)

    Exactly, JB! I'm trying to stay off the bench this season. ;o)