Monday, January 7, 2013


Good morning!

I'm not here today.  Today I'm over at The Killer Chicks doing my first regularly scheduled post.  It's a get to know you post, but I dish some things about myself the followers here might not know.  Come on over!

Also, this morning over on The Unpublished Writers' Guide to Survival, we have a guest post by Natalie Murphy - in which she talks about writing while getting her college degree and preparing to get married.  Go give Nat some comment love.  (And while you're there, answer the poll on the left bar, please.)

And if you missed it, I posted a snippet of one of my stories yesterday at Tabula Rasa.  Plus, we've got a couple other people playing along on their own blogs.  Some good stuff out there.  Stop on by.

Busybusybusy.  Thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts.  Seriously.  ;o)


  1. Great post! It reads just like you. ;)

  2. Thanks, Silver! I gotta be me, ya know?

    Thanks for stopping over there, Colene. Great to see you back in the blogosphere. =o)