Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unexpected Positive

So, I was sitting around the house this weekend when an email arrived from a friend of mine.  It was in regard to that Twitter thing I did on Friday.  She was asking if I had any bites.  When I told her I hadn't, she expressed surprise - natch - and wondered why a particular agent hadn't snapped me up.  Then she suggested I query this particular agent directly. 

Needless to say, I was hesitant.  I've got lot going on, and... okay, I'll come right on and say it... I was afraid.  This gal seemed awesome, but her querytracker listing didn't say she wanted suspense.  (And the last thing anyone needs is another rejection.)  My friend kicked me in the ass nudged me to send a query anyway - pointing out an article where it specifically says the gal's looking for my genre. 

I hemmed and hawed, but promised to send a query.  I had planned on waiting until Monday, but Sunday night, I got a wild hair, gathered my materials together, tweaked the query letter and sent that puppy off.  I wasn't expecting anything to come of it.

I got a reply around lunch on Monday.  She wanted a full!  Coulda knocked me over with a feather. 

Anyway, after the Hubs went back to work, I sent out the full and the synopsis she asked for.  Keep your fingers crossed.

But well wishes isn't why I'm writing this post.  (Well, they're always nice, but not my main goal here.)  I wanted to let you know so you can maybe see that sometimes, when you least expect it, good things can happen.

So, send those queries out.  Even if you're crazy busy.  Even if you're pretty sure they're not the right agent for your manuscript - because the information out there says they aren't.  Even if you don't think you can take one more rejection.  Because you never know.  You could get a request for full.

And who knows?  It might turn into an offer of representation.  Stranger things have happened.

I'm not holding my breath, but I am crossing my fingers.  ;o)


  1. FABULOUS, B.E.!! So excited for you - is this for Djinnocide (I'm assuming it is because your pitches that I saw were for Djinnocide)? You are on a roll this year - this is your year, so you better Embrace Change, my friend :)

    Yay!!!!!!!! Keep us posted.

  2. Good for you for sending it out and congrats on the request.

    What I'm working on right now (and what's making me super happy!) came about as a result of a friend kicking ME in the butt. Repeatedly. (I'm a slow learner.)

    Everything crossed for you!

  3. Good for you for getting it out and congrats on the request. Everything crossed for you!

  4. Thanks, Janet! Actually this was for Dying Embers. You must've missed those tweets. And this was definitely a big case of Embracing Change! I'll definitely keep you posted.

    Thanks, JB! (Twice.) Butt-kicking... that's what friends are for. I wish I could say I was that friend who kicked you, but I am here for butt-kicking if you ever need another boot. ;o)

  5. But you've queried other agents, right? Were you just afraid of querying this one?

    Pitch contests are fun because you can read other people's pitches, but I much prefer to query directly.

    Either way, congrats! You got your foot in the door.

  6. Oh yeah, Maria, I've queried other agents. I'm afraid most of the time, but this one was different because, I guess... Not quite sure why.

  7. Woohoo!!! That's amazing, hun!! I'm crossing my fingers for you =D

  8. Yippee! I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

  9. Thanks, Nat and Karyn! I can use every crossed appendage I can get. =o)

  10. What great news! I know how rejection can get you down, that you think why bother querying again, they're just going to say no! Thank you for showing us that's it's not always so!

    Good luck!