Sunday, January 20, 2013

Better Late Than Never: A Contest Winner

Back on New Year's Day, I promised y'all a contest.  Well, I forgot about it.  Then last week, some little spark of memory puttered it's way into the conscious part of my brain and poked me hard.  So, I wrote myself a note to draw a name for the 1K Post contest.  And here we are finally getting around to it.  (Good thing I looked at my note this morning, eh?)

Without further ado, or distractions, or whatnot...  The winner is:

Ava Z.

Congratulations Ava Z!  I just need you to email me with your choice of ebook (under $10), and I'll have it sent as a gift to the email address you provide.  (Just please get back to me by the end of the month - otherwise I'll forget again and you'll never get your prize.)

Thanks again to all the people who participated.  And thanks to all the lovely commenters and followers I've had over the years.  You're all awesome and if I could give every one of you a prize, I would.