Monday, February 13, 2012

Trying Not to Rant

Lately it seems like every post I write is a rant about something.  (Yeah, you didn't know that because I delete most of them.)

Like last week, I wrote a whole rant about people who shovel their driveways into the street.

Or the post I had scheduled for yesterday, which I removed before it went up, about people who equate writing fiction to lying.  (As Daughter pointed out, it's a bi-annual rant.)

And this morning, considering how my clothes smell like funked-out wood smoke, I could easily rant about the people around the corner who really don't care what they throw in their fireplace as long as it burns.

But you don't want to hear about that, and I really don't want to become 'that chick who rants' around the blogosphere.  (Although... my comment numbers go up every time I rant, so maybe you do want to hear it.)

Anyway, I'm chalking up to the fact that my hormone shot is due next week.  And I'm usually a raging lunatic the week before shot time.  (Just ask the kid.)  Usually once I realize my problem, the urge to rant evens out, so don't expect any ranting any time soon - even if Saturday was a kind of mini-rant.

And on a happier note, I just heard this morning about a new non-fiction project for Christine Fonseca that I'm totally excited about.  It's called Redefining Normal: A Girl’s Guide to Embracing Her Identity and Realizing Her Potential and it sounds like an incredible avenue to help girls. I probably could've used it when I was young. I know Daughter needed something like that. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, stop by and fill out the form to maybe contribute your experiences.

Have a nice day, Everyone, and try to avoid the ranty places.  All that negativity can't be good for you.  ;o)


  1. LOL! This weekend has made me very... ranty. Wedding/family issues are making me CRAZED! It has taken all of my power not to go on huge rants about people taking their noses out of my business, LOL! Not to mention, Canadians curse like sailors most of the time, so my rants probably would have ended up with an R rating, hehehe.

    But you are right about rants. They do draw people in. If there's drama, the crowd is sure to be close behind.

  2. Nothing wrong with ranting if it makes you feel better. Better to get it down on "paper" than take it out on a person - even if you don't post what you wrote.

    Maybe people like reading the rantings because they can associate with the rant. I know I do!

    Hope you have a "rant-free" day!

  3. Was fine over the weekend, but back to the Day Job and am prickly and pissed today! But you're having a rant-free day, so I won't get up on the ledge here ;)

    People love rants - as Stacy said, they can associate!

    The Christina Fonseca project sounds wonderful - wish they had something like that for me when I was younger!! Off to check it out in more detail. Happy Monday, B.E.

  4. It is twisted that I like the ranty places? We can't bottle things up for too long - it's not healthy! :)

    Mind you, that doesn't mean we should let it all out at once... maybe just a little bit at a time, so as not to scare people. Ha.

  5. Haha! Everyone loves a good rant and everyone loves to get the rant out. I wouldn't worry. People flock to them because we all like to know we aren't alone in things that piss us off, no matter what they are.

  6. Hmm, your rants sound so reasonable...maybe I need a hormone shot too?

  7. My neighbors burn random crap, too! Though it's usually something plastic-y.

  8. I have been in a foul mood a lot of the last four months :) Work is so busy at that time of year, I become a psycho mega-B.

  9. Wait... people actually dump their snow into the street?