Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Needs Me One of These

*Deleted image was of a WTF stamp*

Teachers?  More like a writer's dream tool.  I could totally use that for hard copy edits.  Right now, I just put a big frickin' question mark.  That stamp would be so SO so much better.  And if they made one that said WWYTH? (What Were You Thinking Here?) that would be awesome, too.

How useful would that stamp be for you?  What other kind of stamp could you use in your daily operations?


  1. lol that's awesome. I could have used that a few times while editing my school papers. Sometimes, all I could think was, "seriously? SERIOUSLY?"

  2. I need one of these for The Day Job! Maybe then the guys in my service department would take notice of the beyotchy e-mails I send them about accounts and work-orders!

    When you figure out where you can get one - let me know :)

    Ooh, your spam word thing is giving me numbers today, too - interesting!