Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Things

I love finding new things.  For instance, this week at the grocery store, I found this agave nectar sweetener for coffee.  My store stocks Hazelnut and Vanilla.  I wasn't feeling adventurous, so I just got Vanilla.  Yummers.  And it's an all-natural sweetener without sugar.  Score!

Ever see those commercials for Tide Washing Machine cleaner?  A-ma-zing.  So, I went looking for it.  It sounds awesome, but it's like $7+ a box.  Yeah, I didn't want to clean my washing machine that bad.  But as I was looking for a dishwasher cleaner (cuz my dishwasher is disgusting inside), I found one that also does washing machines and garbage disposals.  It's called LemiShine and cost me $2-something.  Huzzah!  I tried it out on my washing machine yesterday.  Haven't washed a load yet, but as long as my machine no longer has a funk, I'll be happy.

I'm probably one of the last people in America to be without a Swiffer.  They just seem kinda pricey for something I could do myself a lot cheaper.  Ya know?  Well, anyway, I finally broke down and went shopping for a Swiffer Duster.  I didn't get one, but I did get this other similar thing for a buck twenty five.  Dusted the whole house while I was on the phone with CollegeGirl.  Un-freaking-real.

And my dirty rotten grocery store - those bastards - started stocking something called Volcano Lava Cake.  Seriously?  Why would they do that to me?  I don't know if you're familiar with the concept, but a lava cake spurts chocolate at you when you cut into it.  This brand has a ring of cake with chocolate down the center.  Nuke it for 20 seconds and the chocolate gets all gooey.  OMFG.  It was amazing.  And seriously fattening.  From now on, my grocery store is only allowed to stock new product that is low calorie or helps burn fat.

We won't even talk about the Edy's Drumstick ice cream they got in last week.

Have you found any new products to share lately?  Ever had lava cake?  Is your grocery store evil, too?


  1. I just got some plain agave. I'll go try it in my coffee now. (Haven't yet been brave enough, but you've inspired me. :)

  2. We use the Tide Washing Machine cleaner-- it makes our washer smell amazing =)