Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture Pause - Hawk's Eye View

Sorry... up to my ass in hard copy edits...  I hope you enjoy this pic instead of a real post...

This majestic visitor was hanging out in a tree across the street.  Thank goodness for my sharp-eyed husband who spotted him first, and thank goodness for a camera with awesome zoom capabilities.

After some careful research, we determined that it's a Red Tail Hawk - light phase.  (Who knew Red Tails have different phase colors?)  Isn't it gorgeous?

And for a little perspective, here it is a couple feet from a Eurasian Collared Dove (which is half again as big as a Mourning Dove or just slightly smaller than a standard pigeon).  Gorgeous and huge... Lucky for the dove, it didn't seem hungry that morning.


  1. Lovely photo, B.E. It's cool how the hawk has that interesting expression, almost like it's showing emotion.

  2. Hawks, eagles - all so majestic! Great pic! NOt sure about the intelligence of that dove, though - I wouldn't be sitting that close to the hawk ;)