Friday, February 17, 2012

This That and an Award

Well, I was AWOL yesterday taking a trip up to Fort Collins to visit the college kid.  Really if you're in that town for any reason, stop by a place called CharcoBroiler.  Awesome food.  And the mashed potatoes are to die for.  Anyway, as usual, I was toast by the time I got home.  On the upside, I think all the exercising I've been doing helped keep me from being a total wreck for the usual 24 hrs or more afterwards.  Today wasn't so bad.  Still tired, but not zombie-like.

Have any of you tried the new Granola Crisp things from Nature Valley?  I got both the peanut butter and the chocolate kinds.  I haven't had the chocolate ones yet, but the peanut butter are pretty good.  Just the right amount of sweetness and crunch with a kiss of salty.  Yummers.

I'm still working on the hard copy edits of the first chapter of Djinnocide.  It's keeping it's basic shape, but a lot of the wording is getting tweaked and unnecessary things are getting snipped.  Too much time spent expounding on things that aren't really crucial at this point in the story (if they ever will be).

And now for the Award.  Silver James graced me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.  I think Silver is the one who's sweet for giving me the award.  Anyway, the general rules are:

1. Reveal 7 random facts about yourself

2. Pass the Sweet award to up to 10 recipients and no tag-backs!

So here goes nothing...

- I'm a nerd - which should come as no surprise to some of you (especially my daughter - the Geeks shall inherit the Earth, darlin'.)  Which is why I got a total kick out of the following pic... *Image was of the weather forecast for Alderon - which I deleted because I don't own the image*

- I used to have a pet chicken named Raphaela.  She was the last surviving member of the original 18 my father bought as laying hens.  Dad didn't know I got attached to her when he gave her away.

- I cannot eat peas unless they're in something like stew or a pot-pie.  Just the thought of them popping in my mouth makes me gag.

- My hands are so double-jointed, I can lay them flat on the table and raise all my fingers so the back of my hand makes a bowl-like shape.  Not as much now as I could when I was young, but age and injury hits us all in one way or another.

- I'm also one of the populous who can turn her tongue upside down - which made it really great for the ol' bar trick of tying a cherry stem in a knot.  It never won me any drinks, but it did make for one hell of a hilarious office party once.  (And no, nothing untoward happened.  We just had a lot of laughs.)

- Monkeys creep me out.  I don't know what it is.  They just do.  And chimpanzees are the worst.  Nothing can make me change the channel faster than a documentary about chimps. 

- I still have some of my favorite childhood stuffed animals. Marshmallow the polar bear, a Snoopy doll, the polka dot puppy I had as a baby, and an original Steiff elephant direct from Germany.  I let my daughter play with some of them, but the Snoopy and the puppy are over 40 years old and the Steiff is a collector's item.

Hope you enjoyed those.  As usual, I don't follow the rules and name other people to thrust the award upon.  Suffice it to say I think you're all sweet just for stopping by.  :hugs:


  1. I don't think I knew half of that stuff about you, B.E. - the geek thing, yes ;)

    And, yes, we've tried the new granola crisps - both are equally good!

    So glad to hear the trip didn't demobilize you for days - yay for exercise!!

  2. Hehehe, that list was interesting! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. I love the Alderan five-day forecast! It's always fun to learn the trivia about one another. ;-)