Sunday, October 2, 2011

Picture Pause - Morning Critters

It's a lovely beginning of October in NE Colorado and the neighborhood critters were cooperating. 

Downy Woodpecker
Young Squirrel (the animals really like this pole)
Ms. Eurasian Collared Dove
"Hey, Baby.  Wanna come over to my nest and make me some eggs?"
(And yes, even I groaned at that last caption, but I had to do it.)


  1. Ah, but your lady bird should have a comeback. like "Quack off, you birdbrain."

    Sunday morning cheese for you.

  2. Nice photos!
    And to add to Julie's comment, I can see him moving on to the squirrel and offering to show off his nuts.

  3. Love the photos! Squirrels are so much fun to watch. My friend swears up and down that she saw one in the park, climbing a tree with a ziplock bag containing a half eaten PBJ sandwich!