Monday, October 24, 2011

Picture Pause - Creepy Cross

Between my new commitment to exercising (with its subsequent aches) and my mad typing lately, I'm too friggin' tired to post anything but a picture.  I took this when I was out wandering the other day.  I'd say it's perfect for the Monday before Halloween.

:cue creepy music:

Are ya skeerd?  Are ya?

LOL, Happy pre-Halloween, Everyone.  =o)


  1. YES. You have managed to find the one thing that really scares me! This picture reminds me of that movie The Omen, which terrified me.

    Religious horror scares me the most!

  2. Sorry, Jennifer. But thanks for saying it reminded you of The Omen. The Gregory Peck version was super spooky. (The newer version? Not so much.)

  3. Then Omen, great one. Me it reminds me of a New England country setting. Don't know, just does. Great Pic!