Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture Pause - Catitude

Here's Max next to the hugest tumbleweed I've ever seen...

He couldn't care less.  (And for the record, isn't he gorgeous?)

And Kira attacking a stringy-thing she loves...

She's large and in charge. 

What's your catitude today?  Do you care less or are you feisty?


  1. Max is looking great! Relaxed and healthy.

    ROFL at the expression on Kira's face!

    My catitude today is sleepy. I need to go for a walk and wake up. zzzz

  2. Beautiful animals! I'm a dog lover myself, but I enjoy a cute kitty! :-)

  3. I'm both: apathetic and feisty...but nowhere near as handsome.

  4. Great pics - I just love Max :) Kira's a cutey pie, too.

    Catitude: Tired - just back from my run. The Day Job may just put me over the edge to exhausted!

  5. Beautiful cats!

    My cattitude today is I want to nap in a patch of sun. I pulled an all-nighter last night with the book, and while it was fabulous, I am wrecked today.