Monday, October 10, 2011

I Don Wanna

Last week I may have mentioned* that chapter 18 of UEQ sucks.  I tried working on it.  Really I did.  I sat down on Saturday morning with my printed chapters, my notebook and my trusty red pen...  And the only thing I accomplished was realizing there's a whole lot more wrong than I originally thought.  Looks like I'm going to have to re-tackle chapter 17, too.

But I don wanna.

I mean, great godfrey daniels, I thought I had it.  I worked hard on it.  And it still sucks - hard.  So, I'm letting it simmer in the special part of my brain reserved for such things until I figure out how to de-lame the scene.

Meanwhile, I'm working on Djinnocide.

So much for my 3/3/1 schedule.  And it was working so well for me.  Oh well, time to improvise, adjust and adapt.

What's on your 'I don wanna' list this week?  Scrubbing sinks?  Yardwork?  A sticky scene in an otherwise awesome story?

*If I didn't mention it here, I know I mentioned it on Facebook or maybe Twitter - if you're not following me on those, the linksy things are on the right somewhere.


  1. Hugs! At least you're finding problems before you send it out. You'll dream up the perfect fix soon!

    I don wanna take and edit more photos for Etsy. That feels like a never-ending chore. I'd rather write ... on a pattern, actually. All my fiction is simmering at the moment. (Probably in the laundry pot, it's so bad. :-{ But I'll turn it into stew eventually!)

  2. I don wanna study this week. I'm taking my boards next Monday for recertification in medicine, and I had forgotten how terribly tedious studying is.

  3. I don wanna basically describes everything for me today. The weather is gorgeous, and I just don't feel like doing anything but sit on my deck and sip some iced tea. I compromised by bringing my computer out on the deck. We'll see if I can accomplish anything.

  4. I don wanna grade all the essays I'm going to assign this week. Ugh.