Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

This was the last time I carved pumpkins.  Pretty lame, I know, but there he is.

Here's hoping your pumpkins all turned out awesome and that you have a wonderful holiday.  Stay safe, my friends.

Oh, I almost forgot the spooky pic I took recently...

*and just so you know, after Halloween, I chopped him up, made puree and served him to the family in a cheesecake.  Bwa haha.


  1. I do't know. I like the pumpkin. Great carving idea.

  2. Between the spooky pic and the image of you chopping 'him' up and serving him to your family...I'm frightened!!

    That pic would make a great writing exercise/story prompt. Love it, B.E.

    Happy Halloween!!

  3. Love the spooky pic. And your pumpkin looks like he's saying "DOH!!" Happy Halloween!

  4. I like that pumpkin! Nice scary moon picture. Happy Halloween!

  5. I used to prepare pumpkins when the kids were smaller, but not now.

    I love that spooky picture!

  6. I never could get into carving pumpkins. Too messy. But even the few times I did it, they never turned out that good! Guess I'm just not that creative.

    I loved the picture.

  7. I like the pumpkin! You did a great job!

    And that's a great spooky picture. You're so artistic. :)