Friday, September 30, 2011

Doubting Yourself? Read This

I mean it.  Go read this and then come back and tell me you're still letting that bitch get to you.  (Yeah, my self doubt is female.  And she really is a bitch.) 

Or better yet, read that up there and go kick her narrow ass.  If you don't come back, I'll assume you're opening a whole case of bitch-slapping on that French chick.

Happy writing.  =o)

(BTW, this link came to me through Elizabeth Craig via Twitter.  If you're not following her tweets, you're really missing out on some awesomeness.)


  1. I saw this earlier in the week--Chuck always has some amazing pieces of kick in the pants advice for writers. His tweets are pretty funny, too.

  2. I'd never been to his blog before. How I missed it is beyond me. But I'm following him now - there and on Twitter.