Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Mental Argument

Ever have one of those mental arguments that you know you can't win - no matter which way you go - but you have them anyway?  Well, here's a little taste of tonight's...

I should probably work tonight.

But you're in the middle of Hammered, and it's starting to get really good.  Just a few more pages...

Too bad.  I didn't work last night because you talked me into watching Biggest Loser and I was already tired from doing yard work.

Come on.  Two days off in a row won't kill you.

It'll put me off my schedule.

Make a new schedule.

I can't.  This one was working out really good for me.  Plus, you know I already revised the schedule because of last night.

So revise it again.  It's not like anyone's paying you.  Besides, Storage Wars is on and you haven't seen this one.

Stop it.  If I take tonight off for some lame ass reason, it'll make it that much easier to take tomorrow night off and do you know where that leads?

Rest?  Relaxation?  Fun?

No.  It leads to several months of sitting on your ass, hating yourself for not accomplishing anything.


Got nothing to say to that, huh?

:smirk:  Sure, I do.  You're right.  I give in.

That was too easy.  What are you up to?

Nothing.  Let's go work.  But first...  Let's write a fun little blogpost...


  1. Are you in my head? Substitute Storage Wars for Ice Loves Coco (don't judge me!) and I could have written this post.

  2. All. The. Time.

    I don't know how many revised schedules I have because of that little voice.

  3. HAHA

    That little voice is all too familiar here as well.

  4. Yup, I know that voice. My conversation is a little different but the outcome is usually the same. I WILL work tonight!

  5. Uhm, why is the voice in my head talking to you, too? Weird.

  6. Ha, ha, this sounds like me and my inner voice. On that note, I need to get to work. Except I'm too tired. Sigh.