Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh, The Excitement

My life is kinda boring.  I mean, I live in a small town, I pretty much keep to myself, and the highlight of most days is a trip to the grocery store (a place I visit so frequently, it's like I'm Norm from Cheers).  Excitement here takes the smallest shapes sometimes.  I mean, seriously, I squee when someone gets pulled over for speeding - especially in front of my house.  (Because, ya know, they drive too damn fast most days and some little kid is going to get killed.  I've already buried three cats and three squirrels from this stretch of paved hell.)

So, anyway, here's the latest excitement from my bass-ackwards corner of the world...

Yesterday, I saved a lost kitten* from certain doom.  I stepped outside for a smoke and this tiny black bundle was running along the gutter on the other side of the street.  Some woman was kinda chasing it. It didn't belong to her, but she didn't want to see it get hit.  Too bad for her, the kitten ran every time she got close.  Being the cat whisperer, I stepped in.  I caught it when it stopped to wade through a sizable puddle.  You should've seen the spunky little bugger get his fur all up and hiss at me.  I just talked to it and then snatched it by the scruff of its neck.  Last seen, stuffed into a shoebox the other woman was holding.  She'll take care of it - after all, she was the one who stopped to rescue it.  I just assisted.  (And yes, I would've kept him, but I can't have any more cats.)

Last week, there was a train accident.  The morning passenger train out of Nebraska derailed just this side of the border.  Nine people were injured - no fatalities.  Considering what could've happened, I'm happy to know that last part.

The biggest news around here this time of year is which steer took the blue ribbon at the fair, whether it was the biggest money earner at the auction, and who'll be making burgers out of it come fall.

Is it any wonder I spend most of my time inside my head, making up exciting things for other people to experience?

Seriously, though, living out in the backside of BFE isn't all bad.  Sure, it's boring, but it does give me a mostly distraction-free life.  And after spending most of my life near one major city or another, it's nice to not have to worry about traffic, the murder rate, long lines...  There are certainly worse places to live.

What about you?  What excitement is going on where you live right now?  Do you live for excitement or could you exist happily in Boredom, USA?  And lastly - perhaps most importantly - do you think a writer has to live in the center of excitement to write about it, or can a gal fake her way through?

*the above pic is not the kitten I saved, but it looked exactly like that - just dirtier and hissing. *IMAGE DELETED*


  1. Love this post. I think everyone's life goes through those days or weeks. Right now the excitment around me is when is school going to finally start, and who has power and who still doesn't. LOL

  2. Lmfao, the cat whisperer. Ohhhh that got me laughing.

    Unfortunately, nothing happens here either. My family and I are going to the Highland games on Saturday though. That'll be fun =)

  3. So glad the little kitten got saved *sigh of relief* I hate to see things like that happen and I hate the people who drive too fast on my road. Glad to hear there were not fatalities in the train incident too. That is always scary. Right now... the highlight of my life is trying to go back to school and figure out how I am going to have time for all the homework. Also the Kurious Kids-Fest I'm hosting so you ought to come and participate and hopefully win - plus it will add more excitement to life in BFE! (I also live in BFE, and will probably live even further out in BFE if my husband ever find a suitable farm to buy.)

  4. I hope a writer can fake the excitement. I live on an island 9 miles x 5 miles and most of the time it's pretty quiet here.

  5. I believe it's better for a writer to live in a boring place. We don't need to go out and play "nightlife" or "culture." We need to sit in the chair and make stuff up.

  6. Ooooh! I should start smoking again so I can save lost animals! Tell my hubby. :P Love your post!

  7. I really like living boring. It makes me appreciate the little things and be able to create something unique out of something mundane. I'm always the center of fabulous in my head!

  8. I sometimes wished I lived in a quieter place. At the same time, I love the city, and all the conveniences of that. The biggest news around here usually centers on sports.

  9. My life is very boring too, so I'm definitely going to say that we writers can fake it!!