Monday, September 5, 2011

Randomosity - Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day, Everyone.  Go work.  Or go don't work - however you want to celebrate.

My cat is suffering from a lack of litter.  Yesterday I cleaned her box before I realized I didn't have enough litter to give her the proper thickness for her liking.  Now it sounds like she's digging to China in there.  It kinda reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's in the public restroom and the gal in the next stall can't spare a square.  Poor Kira would use the whole roll if she was human.

Last week I was in the Dollar General and they had the neatest pens by the cash register.  They're breast cancer awareness pens - so they're like pink and junk.  The clippy part says "Fight Like A Girl!" and every time you click the pen, the message in this little window changes.  Right now, mine says "Fight with Love and Courage!"  I bought a matching pen for a good friend of mine who's Mom is a breast cancer survivor.  Now we're like pen sisters.

Ever since Twitter came out I've been fighting against joining because I know me and I get addicted to stuff like that.  And then Roxanne St. Claire asked me to join a hashtag thingie over there.  I almost didn't, but then I was all like "When a best selling author asks you to do something, you don't say 'sorry I can't' - you just do it."  (Unless it's like immoral or criminal, then I wouldn't - but this was just Twitter.)  So, of course, I joined and now I'm addicted. 

I've been thinking about printing some of my photos and trying to sell them at the local craft fair.  Or maybe I could use Etsy.  Some of them are pretty good and I think people might like to hang them on their walls.  Problem is, if I start devoting time to crafting photos into something saleable, it'll be another reason to neglect my writing.  I don't need another reason.  I have enough of those to fill the Titanic.

Today's philosophical message comes from Dilbert's boss who screams... "STOP MAKING MEDIOCRITY SOUND BAD!!"

What random things do you have to discuss today?


  1. Lol, I love your posts. Im sorry you're addicted to twitter now, but at least you aren't alone in the addiction ;)

  2. There's a million things that can interrupt our writing, but you can't put life aside for it.
    Do the Etsy thing; do some Twittering, within reason.
    Have fun!

  3. Figures a cat would care how much litter is in the box. Poor kitty!

    Definitely print out some of those photos. :)

  4. Ha, that happened to our cats a couple weeks ago! And I succumbed to Twitter, too.

  5. I love these "random thoughts" posts.

    I'm addicted to Twitter too. I joined back in 2009, but it took me a long time to figure it out! The conversations are fun, though. Quick and painless but still genuine. Glad I get to talk to you there, too!