Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NaNo Pitfall Posts

Last year I did a series of posts on the various pitfalls one could encounter while trying to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Rather than repeat the information or re-post each, I thought I'd just give you all one place with lots of links.  Browse at your leisure.

NaNo Pitfalls -

Pitfall #1 - the urge to go back and read what you've already written.

Pitfall #2 - thinking your NaNo book sucks

Pitfall #3 - worrying about adverbs and dialogue tags in your NaNo book

Pitfall #4 - Why bother finishing when I'm already behind?

Pitfall #5 - Ack! I'm lost!

Pitfall #6 - writing yourself into a corner

Pitfall #7 - Procrastination

Pitfall #8 - the physical wear and tear of writing

Pitfall #9 - pulling it all together when you haven't plotted any of it

Post-Nano - what to do when December rolls around

Can you think of any pitfalls to your own writing that you'd like to share?  Any tips you have to help out your fellow writers?

BTW, I'm signed up at the National Novel Writing Month site as besanderson - feel free to buddy me.  We'll nudge each other along as we go.  =o)


  1. It's getting late here - the Day Job was yucky today, so I have no energy. I'll settle in tomorrow morning with my coffee and have a look at the pitfalls. Maybe I'll manage to avoid them.

    Yeah, still haven't signed up. When I do, I'll buddy you :)

  2. I'm not participating in NaNo this month, but I will definitely look over this list anyway :)

  3. I'll definitely be cheering from the sidelines, and nudging if you need it. :)

  4. OK - maybe I shouldn't have read all the pitfalls before I signed up! You've got me scared, B.E.

    Great NaNo info here - thanks. I didn't read December's pitfall because, well, I'm not there, yet.

    Off to check out that NaNo site again and maybe actually sign up :)

  5. Oh, those are great. For me it's the drive. I need drive to keep writing. I don't write everyday; I only write what's in my head. So if I have nothing in my head... Yeah. I need focus, vision and drive to keep writing even when the words aren't overflowing.

  6. Hi there. I'm new here. *waves* Nice to meet you. :)

    Those are all definite pitfalls I've seen made or have made myself. (backing myself into a corner? Me? It *might* have happened a time or two.)
    But Nano is also a lot of (insane and productive) fun. So, yes, I'll be doing it again this year.

    I hope to see you there. :)

  7. I'm doing nano too. I just buddied you!

    For me, the biggest thing is to not look back and fuss over what I've already written. Oh, and it was important for me to stop and research stuff while I was writing. I just stuck in (research later) when I knew I needed more information. Then I went back to it in January.

    Good luck!