Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspiration, I Has It

After god knows how long without writing new words (or at least ones that didn't feel like pure crap), I started something tonight - Djinn Book Two.

:sigh:  Yeah, I know I shouldn't start book two when I just started querying book one, but I couldn't help it.  Inspiration zapped me like a lightning strike.  The whole opening scene played itself out in my head, and as I was writing it down, the whole damn book laid itself wide open.  I don't know all the specifics, but the path is clear, and this is going to be awesome.

As for what inspired me... Well, I read the first couple pages of another author's urban fantasy.  It's not anything like my own.  Hell, there wasn't anything I read in those pages that's even remotely like my lightning strike.  I can't even remember what I read because I no sooner started and my brain went to what the next logical installment of Jo's story should be, and how to accomplish it.

So, thank you so very much to Rob Thurman for just existing.  Of course, now this means that I won't be reading anymore of your novel any time soon - can't mess with the muse, ya know - but rest assured, I'll gobble it up once I have my own story firmly seated in my head and on paper.

Heh, and so much for not starting anything new so close to NaNo.  :shrug:  Oh well.  I guess I'll just participate in my own way again this year. And so much for that speculative that's been rambling around my head since last year.  Maybe I'll have the time and inspiration for that one next spring.

How's inspiration treating you lately?  Ever had a lightning strike?


  1. Wow, I want to trade places with you, stat. I've never had a story open up that way. I fight for every scene, every "next thing." I need some lightning. *whimper*

  2. I'll lend you some lightning if you lend me some of the chops you have to get published. =o)

    Seriously, though, it doesn't always happen that way, but I've been in Jo's world for over a year now. Throughout writing the first book, I was thinking about what I could do if there was a second book, so it just fell into place.