Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Update

Not much on the accomplishment list for this week.  I did start my NaNo novel, but I think I have to delete most of it and start over.  Other then that, I sent some queries.  I got some feedback.  I rewrote my query.  Blah blah blah.

Then I went on a pizza binge and now I'm paying the price.  (By the way, make sure you have your Google SafeSearch set to at least moderate when looking for images or you'll get a nasty surprise even searching something innocuous, like cartoons for 'under the weather'.  You don't want to know.  You really don't.  I need cleanser for my eyes.)

Okay, now I'm off to run errands and then collapse on the couch.  I'll be around to moderate comments, but other than that, I'm toast.


  1. Oh! Now I'm tempted to google that. But I'll try to take your advice and not do the search.
    Congrats on everything you got done this week. You make it seem like it's not much, but it all counts.

  2. Only do that if you want to see graphic and disturbing puh-orn. ewewew

    Thanks, Lydia. It all does count. Even the stuff we all end up deleting. =o)

  3. Like Lydia, I'm tempted to Google it. But I'll take your advice and leave it alone.

    Pizza binges - not good. Hope you're back to normal soon.