Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review: An Artificial Night

At the risk of sounding like a broken record about Seanan McGuire, she's my writer crush.  With her latest October Daye novel - An Artificial Night - she nailed it again.

If you aren't familiar with October Daye - or Toby as everyone calls her - she's a private detective working primarily for the Fae.  Not surprising considering she's half-Fae through her mother and when bad things keep happening around her, going into the PI business seems natural.

In this installment, two of her best friends' children disappear from their beds with a third lying in an unshakable sleep.  Of course, she's on the case.  Those kids are like her family and she'd kill for her family.  Too bad she might have to die for them instead.  It isn't long before she learns of other Fae children disappearing, and one human child (the girlfriend of her liege's ward).

Without giving too much away, I'll just say that Seanan has a way of upping the stakes until Toby's truly up shit creek.  But does Toby break?  Oh hell no.  It isn't in her nature.  Sure, she gets tired - who wouldn't - but her unflinching character won't let her give up until she brings those kids home safe and whole.

I love these books - as you might be able to tell.  The writing is awesome enough to make me jealous as hell, and to also inspire me to reach greater heights with my own writing.  The scenes she sets drops me right into where she wants me to be and I love seeing San Francisco through Toby's eyes.  Her characters are sympathetic without being wimpy or whiny.  Her villains are delicious.  And Tybalt - the King of Cats and Toby's frenemy - is drop dead gorgeous and delightfully bad-boy - even when he's saving her life.  (I'm rooting for them to get together eventually.)

So, if you're into urban fantasy, pick up this series - starting with Rosemary and Rue, of course, so you can catch up.  (And pay no attention to bad reviews.  I suspect those people are just jealous.  :grin:)

Disclaimer: I don't know Seanan McGuire and I'm not receiving swag to write a review for her.  :cough:subliminalsendswagmessage:cough:  I just love her writing enough to want everyone to enjoy her, too.  Seriously, you all should know by now, I don't praise things I don't like - no matter whether someone bribes me. :cough:cashwouldbenice:cough:  Seriously, just knowing my friends and followers get to read an awesome book is enough payment for me.  :cough:chocolateworkstoo:cough:


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  1. LOL! Great review. I need a sign that says will write for chocolate lol!