Monday, April 26, 2010

Yumm Alert

I'm going to be busy doing housewifey things today, but I wanted to stop and show you a new treat I found...

Blue Bunny Pineapple Sherbet

OMG, is it ever delicious.  And it's FAT FREE!  Huzzah, Huzzah.  =o)

Of course, it's not calorie-free, so you still have to watch how much you eat, but it's an almost guilt free treat.  (Even better if you throw some fresh fruit in with it, but that's me.)

Now, I'm not a huge sherbet fan because it's usually too sour - but this is sweet and smooth and it has chunks of pineapple right in it.  I'm thinking about making a smoothie with some later. 

But first, I have to clean the basement...  If I'm not back later, the spiders got me.  (And not the cute ones like from the other day, either.) 


  1. I could tear into that right about now.

    It might just be the pregnancy cravings kicking in, but that. looks. fantasticspice.

  2. If only technology could catch up so you could share it with us all virtually. Sigh.