Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picture Pause & a Joke

A while back I talked about the flights of geese headed west for the summer.  (Yes, west.  We have strange birds here.)  Well, I finally got around to downloading the pics I took.  Here's a shot of one westerly flock...

The fourth and fifth from the left are snow geese. The rest are Canada geese. 

And now for a little joke...  Stop me if you've seen this one before...

Mr Ducks
Mr Not Ducks
Mr Ducks

Anyone know how the joke goes?  (Sorry, it's more an out-loud joke.  Think southern accent.)  If no one gets it, I'll share the humor in the comments later.


  1. Umm, I only get the middle part. sorry!
    But I love the picts. I love seeing geese in formation!

  2. I thought I got it, then the last part lost me. I like the photo though.

  3. Heh. I guess it loses something in the transition.

    You see, there are these two southern men out hunting for the first time. One says to the other...

    Mr Ducks ('em are ducks)

    the other says...

    Mr Not Ducks ('em are not ducks)

    OSAR (Oh, 'es 'ey are)
    CM EDBD Wings (see 'em iddy-biddy wings?)

    OIC (Oh, I see)
    Mr Ducks

    It was funnier when my 8th grade algebra teacher told it. Oh, the days when my odd sense of humor catches up with me. ;o)