Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lookie what we found...

Lookie what my daughter just found in our basement.   It's a Daring Jumping Spider.  Of course, this pic isn't mine because I don't have a camera that'll take one of something so small.  (If spiders don't gross you out, scroll down... I have to move it below the screen or daughter will freak every time she sees my homepage.)

And she didn't even scream.  Yay her.  Not that she'd touch the jar with him in it, but still... it's progress.

Anyway, I went looking for what this little fellow was because he was so damn pretty.  Ours was slightly different - with yellowish markings on his back instead of white - but the defining characteristic is the nifty metallic green fangs.  I'm not a huge bug fan, but he was too cool to squash.  He entered the Sanderson spider relocation program and is now residing in a vacant building nearby. 

Have a nice life little man. 

You know, he's so awesome, I almost think he deserves a spot in one of my stories. 

And if you haven't seen today's first post, scroll down.  =o)


  1. EEEEEW--creepy. I've got the shivers. Was the spider poisonous???

    LOL...The Sanderson relocation program allusion is cute.

  2. He's not dangerous to people, but he does eat insects and other spiders. As far as I can tell, the only venomous spiders around here are the black widow, the brown recluse and something called a hobo spider.

  3. I had one of these adorable little guys jump in my car today from the sun roof. At first I was very cautious as I wasn't sure if he was poisonous. He sat on my dashboard and watched me drive home very quickly as I kept one eye on him. He certainly is a hoppy little fella. Lol. I was thrilled to read that he was in fact not at all poisonous and I too enrolled him into the Hassani Family Relocation program in the fern in front of our house ;). He sure was a cutie pie.

  4. I have had two in one month!!!! He lives downstairs in the grassy yard now. He also got peed on by my dog a few minutes later. poor guy.