Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Toy!

I'm probably the last person on the net to have found something like this, but I'm like a kid with a new toy.  You see, yesterday I discovered an online music source - Pandora Radio.  I wanted to listen to music while I was editing and I didn't feel like dragging out my CDs or flipping around the three lame stations we have in the middle of nowhere.  Gotta love Google.  The first hit was Pandora and now I'm hooked.

Right now, I'm listening to a station they built for me based on my search for music like Howard Jones.  (Right now, it's Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done to Deserve This?)  Now I've also got stations based on Bush, Pink, Spirogyra, and Rachmaninov (for those classical needs).  Plus, I let Daughter make a station of her own - something she calls PopPunk.  :shrug:

And it's FREE!  (at least for the first 40 hours a month - if you need more than that you have to pay)  Free always does my miserly heart good.  =oD

With the help of Pandora, I sat here and worked longer than I have since I knocked out those first draft words.  Four chapters edited!  Yay.  If I had to guess, I'd say I was at it for about four hours.  Not quite the eight I was whining over yesterday, but it's an accomplishment anyway.

Oh, and since my fingers were otherwise occupied, I wasn't munching all afternoon.  Bonus!

I love my new toy.

So, if you could build a few radio stations of your own, which bands would they be based on?  (And feel free to let me know if I am, in fact, the last person to play with this new toy.  I can take it.)


  1. I played with Pandora a while back, but I prefer listening to the playlists I make for myself. I kept getting songs I didn't want to hear.

  2. I got a lot of weird songs I didn't want when I made the Spirogyra list, but I just skipped them. (And yeah, it's a bummer when you run out of 'skips' for the day.)

  3. I have over 6000 songs on my itunes sooo I dont tend to stray, lol.