Monday, April 19, 2010

Caffeine Kitty

Since my morning thus far has involved both a kitty and caffeine, I thought I'd give you...

Too bad in my case, the morning involves a need for caffeine caused by Obnoxi-Kitty - who thought it would be good to turn her purr-engine on high and visit us at 2AM.  I really do love my cat, but since I have to drive two hours this morning for my quarterly day in the city, she's lucky I didn't boot her into the kitchen.

 *All images deleted to avoid any chance of copyright infringement*


  1. lol! I dont have that problem. Our cat just bugs my mum the whole night *snickers*

  2. Okay, that picture is...frightening. And since I'm allergic to cats I can only assume I'd be hyper-allergic to that one...

  3. ROFL at that cat!

    I used to be owned by a cat who would walk back and forth across my chest at 4 am and purr like a motorboat. Miss that cat, but not the wake-call.

  4. THE. WHOLE. NIGHT. She loves to be on top of me something fierce & must cuddle constantly. When I am on my back: her faves are my left shoulder or chest (so she's in & on - my face). When on my side: she has to be on my hip or in my arms like a child's teddy. If I feel tossy-turny then she just rides me like one of those lumberjacks on a log. I have many scratches...Love is painful?!