Friday, September 18, 2009

Writerly Blogs (Pt1 - Agent Folder)

Wednesday at Kristophrenia, she asked for recommendations of publishing blogs, and her request reminded me that I haven't updated my list of writerly blogs in a long time. It also reminded me that I have a huge list of blogs I should be visiting, but in reality, I only get to a fraction of the number every day.

Anyway, because it's so huge, I had to break it up. Here's Part One of the link list in no particular order - including a new to me writerly blogs I just found out about (look for the *):

In my 'Agents' folder (not all agents, btw - I really need to reorganize):

BookEnds, LLC
Et in arcadia, ego (Jennifer Jackson)
Janet Reid
QueryShark (Ms. Reid's other blog)
Editorial Ass
Nathan Bransford
PubRants (Kristen Nelson)
KT Literary
The Knight Agency
The Public Query Slushpile
Guide to Literary Agents: Editor's Blog*
Crowe's Nest (Sara Crowe and the authors she represents)
Bent on Books (Jenny Bent)
The Waxman Literary Agency
The Book Deal (Alan Rizler -Consulting Editor)
Authorial, agently and personal ramblings (Lucienne Diver)
Writing and Rambling (Nephele Tempest)
The Intern
The Rejectionist
Caren Johnson Literary Agency
Brillig (Joshua Bilmes)
Diana Fox
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
The New Literary Agents (KT Public Relations)
Lyons Literary LLC
The Swivet (Colleen Lindsay)
Agent in the Middle (Lori Perkins)
Bunny Eat Bunny (Brenda Bowen)
The Rejecter
Book Cannibal (Cameron McClure)
Rachelle Gardner
Girl Meets Book (Jamie Brenner)
Welcome to My Worlds (Kelly Mortimer)
FinePrint Literary Management
all that's new(s) from A to Z (Andrew Zach)
Literary Agent News
Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency
Upstart Crow Literary

I'll get to the rest either later today or tomorrow, and I'll put the links up under 'Important Stuff' over there on the right. I hope you find some useful and fun information in them thar blogs.

See you around the blogosphere. =o)


  1. Thanks for the links! You have some here I haven't seen before.

  2. Oh holy cow! I'm only following about half of these blogs and I thought I was reading a lot of them! Thanks for the links! I won't be able to read all of them, but I will eventually check them out!