Thursday, September 3, 2009

See the Little Lightbulb?

The one over my head? Yeah, that's the one. Of course it means what you think it means. I don't just walk around with a lightbulb over my head for no reason. It ain't a fashion accessory. And I just know as soon as I leave the house, people will start to stare. You're staring already, aren't you?

Why is it there? Oh, well, I had an idea last night. Turned the lightbulb on bright enough to wake me up and get me out of bed. I wrote the idea down, but the light's still shining. (Which is strange because those things usually go out once I acknowledge what they're there for.) Frankly, I'm trying to ignore it. Not that the idea isn't a good one, it's just that it'll mean a lot of work down the drain and a lot more work ahead.

I know, I know... get on with the idea already. Right?

Let's see... I woke up from a totally unrelated dream with the idea to totally rewrite my current WIP. I saw why the damn thing is giving me fits, and where I need to go from here. Hell, I even came up with a title - which has been eluding me since I started this book - so I know the idea is probably the way to go.

And it means that everything I've written so far is destined for the scrap heap. 30+K words swirling down the drain. Just the thought sends shivers through me - and not the good kind either. Basically I'd be scrapping one WIP to start an almost totally new story. Sure, the basic premise is the same, but the specifics will be completely different. Better? Oh, most definitely. Being better doesn't make me feel any better about the work lost, though.

I still have some details to work out, but I think this is sledge hammer I need to finally break down the wall. We'll see how it works out. I'm not deleting what I've already got - just in case - but I have a feeling I won't need it.

Ever have a little lightbulb of your own? Was it a middle-of-the-night flash like me? Or am I the only one who gets to scrap almost half a book and start over?


  1. Oh, I had a monster of a lightbulb yesterday. Need to make some notes before I lose it.

  2. I'm sorry you have to throw out so much!!

    Yes, I tend to get little lightbulbs all the time. It actually gets really annoying, especially when I didn't realize before that I was waiting for one.

    I haven't had to scrap that much yet, just 5000 words, which was painful enough for me. I can't imagine 30K

  3. Oh, I've had that lightbulb moment as well!

    Mine meant completely reworking the MS: adding a completely new (and rather large) plot line, complete with new characters and a ton of research.

    But it's worth it! Still not finished, but I love how it's enriched my story. Besides, I always have the old document saved if I hate what I end up with...

  4. You gotta go with your gutt. And, I guess be thankful you got the lightbulb b/f you wrote any more than you did. And, that you got the light in the first place.

    Just put those 30,0000 words in another place. don't delete them. there may be a lot of inspiration in there.