Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sick Day

Not me... Knock on wood. Darling Daughter came down with a rousing case of stomach flu last night (1:30am - Weee). Needless to say, I'm disinfecting the house, doing her laundry and providing whatever support she requires.

If anyone else needs me, I'll be around here somewhere.

PS. Purell is my friend. I sure as hell don't want whatever she's got.

Update: The malady was downgraded to a slight case of food poisoning from questionable braunschweiger. (Her food, btw. Liverwurst grosses me out.) Anyway, she's on the mend and felt well enough to attend her driver's ed class tonight. I think she would've had to be dragging a bloody stump to miss that class. I only wish I could get that kind of devotion from her with her other schoolwork. ;o)


  1. Aww! Poor girl! I hope she gets better soon!

  2. Oh, food poisoning TERRIFIES me. I only got it once, like 15 years ago, and I still shudder at the memory. And don't go anywhere near apple dumplings.

    Hope she's back up to snuff now!