Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writerly Blogs (Pt 3 - Everything Else)

Blogs I need to visit more often - because they have awesome information and witty people:

The Novel Racers
Edie Ramer
Maya Reynolds
Magical Musings
Writer Beware
Sean Ashby
Jill Monroe
Sisters in Crime (mostly defunct, but still has some good stuff)
The Literary Maze
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
The Outfit: A Collective of Chicago Crime Writers
Author! Author! (Anne Mini)
Writer Unboxed
Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room
The Goddess Blogs
To Be Read - So Many Authors... So Little Time
First Offenders
Killer Hobbies
A Writer's Journey (S. O. Esposito)
Word Wenches
Avon Romance Blog
Dear Author
Wordgirl's Work in Progress
Teri Brown Writes!
Simply Wait
Natasha Fondren: Adventures in Writing on the Road (formerly SpyScribbler)
The Adams Zone (Linda Adams)
Romance Divas Divine Blog
Argh Ink (Jennifer Crusie)
Flogging the Quill
Tess Gerritsen's Blog
Samhain Weblog
Fangs, Fur, Fey
Apex Book Company Blog
Much Cheaper Than Therapy
Tor (the blog's right on the homepage)
Whatever (John Scalzi)
Mysterious Matters: Mystery Publishing Demystified
A Really Nice Murder Blog
The Literary Lab

And if you're looking for a boatload of authorly blogs to visit, check out: Authors Blogs.

If I've forgotten your blog, or you'd like your blog added to this list, please leave a comment or email me. (Not that I really need more blogs to visit, but I like having the links, and who knows? Your blog might be the one to help some fellow writer.)

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