Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football... Ahhhhh

Sorry for the silence, but College Football Saturday crept up on me. So, I spent the majority of today watching the boys mix it up on the gridiron. Ahhh, satisfaction.

The Wolverines won. Thank god for small favors. No offense to Mr. Rodriguez, but since you arrived in Ann Arbor, I find myself missing Lloyd Carr (and I couldn't stand Carr). The hullabaloo over NCAA rule breakage at U of M is disheartening, and watching Rich cry on ESPN made me a little nauseated. You broke the rules, suck it up. This is football, bud. There's definitely no crying in football. Ah, where's Bo Schembeckler when you need him. Rolling in his grave, most likely.

The Spartans won, too, which was expected. They had a better season last year than my beloved Wolverines, and their coach doesn't cry on camera. I'm sad to say it, but if I want to see anyone from the home state in the bowls this year, I'm afraid my hopes might have to rest in Lansing. =o(

In other important college football news, OSU almost lost and to Navy of all people. It was almost as good as watching them lose. Almost.

Not that I didn't do anything else today. I had my notebook and trusty red pen on the couch. I wrote during commercials breaks and halftimes. Got some really good words out on the rewrite for DJ (my working title for the WIP). It feels right this time, so we'll keep on the trail and see where it leads.

How's your holiday weekend going?

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