Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Salute to Autumn

I love it when a flock of geese flies low enough over me that I can hear the air through their wings.

Spring is my favorite season, but Autumn is a close second. The air gets so crisp you can almost smell the snow coming, but it hasn't arrived yet. The gently dropping temperatures provide a welcome respite from the hot dryness of summer. (Or the hot wetness, depending on where you live.)

Lately, squirrels are darting all over the neighborhood, picking up little treasures to help them make it through another winter. They look so funny with a big corn cob clenched in their mouths as they try to scale a tree. And when they chase each other for possession of some large find, I nearly fall over laughing. One year I watched a squirrel make off with the neighbor's seed bell. Watching the furry brown thief cross the road with this big ball of seeds was almost worth the fact that he buried his loot in my front yard. The hole was tremendous, but I left it alone. I hope he remembered where he hid it.

The trees haven't begun to turn here yet, but I love the brilliant shades of gold and red and orange. Autumn in the Upper Peninsula was always a colorful pallet, and I'd revel in the artistry of nature preparing itself for the harshness of the coming snows. Here the pallet isn't nearly as spectacular, but it still provides beauty in an otherwise dreary landscape.

Nighttime is now spent wrapped in comforters and fluffy socks. My favorite sweatshirts are wearable again. And football has arrived in all its glory. (Of course, my favorite sweatshirts all say U of M so that makes wearing them even better.)

They're calling for a particularly nasty Winter here on the Eastern plains. Summer was too wet and too mild for us to expect anything else. But the snow is still weeks away. For now, I'll enjoy the cooler temperatures and like a squirrel I'll gather up my precious nuggets of sunshine to tide me over from November to March.

What's your favorite part of Autumn? (Even if you don't like this season, I'm sure you can find at least one good thing.)


  1. I love Fall, I just don't get to experience it the way I used to. We call Fall our "Hawaii season" because it means we can live with the doors and windows open like they do in Hawaii.

  2. I love autumn, when crunchy leaves cover the ground like a blanket. The wind stirs them and the leaves move with a rushing sound.

    The coolness in the air always gives me clarity.

    But I hate knowing that a winter of discontent is always just around the bend.