Saturday, September 19, 2009

Writerly Blogs (Pt 2 - Morning Reads)

Continuing on with yesterday's post... Here are more of the writerly blog links I have in my favorites.

Most mornings I stop by:
Jen Hayley
The Sound of Rain (Natalie Murphy)
Miss Snark's First Victim
The Write Life (Karin Tabke)
Jennifer Lyon
Murder She Writes
Paperback Writer (Lynn or S.L. Viehl)
Kristen Painter's Divalicious Blog
The Fictionistas
Jackie Barbosa
Carrie's Procrastinatory Outlet (Carrie Ryan)
Historical Romance Author Erica Ridley
Romantic Inks
Deb Salisbury, Magic Seeker
Major Musings (Jennifer Major)
Diana Peterfreund
Wendy Roberts
Romancing the Highlander (Monica McCarty)
The Good Girls Kill for Money Club
Romancing the Blog
Work in Progress (Rachel Vincent)
Kristophrenia (Kristy Baxter)
One Word, One Rung, One Day (Travis Erwin)
Jeaniene Frost
Literary Rambles (Casy L. McCormick)
Just Keep Writing and Other Thoughts (Liz Fenwick)
Debs-Daydreams in the Shed

Between the first dozen or so of the Agent links and all of the above, is it any wonder I spend the first 90-some minutes every day glued to my computer? Whooph, I'm tired just copying all those.

Tomorrow I'll try to wrap up this series with the rest of my favorite writerly blogs. Stay tuned.

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