Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Schedule Nazi

Sorry, I could think of a way to make this a 'foodie' post... Unless you make the jump from Seinfeld's Soup Nazi episode.

With this week's start of school, I've been thinking about schedules and my lack thereof. I don't have a schedule, but more and more I'm beginning to see that I need one.

Okay, I guess to say I have no schedule at all isn't fair. My typical day usually looks like this:

Somewhere between 5 and 6:30am - get up and make coffee - 15 minutes.
After that, read blogs for about 60-90 minutes.
Go for a walk- 20-30 minutes
Run errands - 60-90 minutes

At this point, if I'm running ahead of schedule, I play a little poker for an hour or so.

By now I've reached sometimes between 11 and noon. Depending on the time, I watch a little TV until my husband gets home for lunch, then we spend his lunch hour together.

From one until five, I waste my day in various ways - usually watching TV or playing poker. Then I cook dinner and watch more TV. Long about 8 - if I'm in the mood - I drag my ever-widening ass off the couch and write until bedtime (or until my hands get tired - usually an hour or so).

Yeah, it's a schedule, but I don't think it's really working for me. I haven't really accomplished much this summer... Hell, this year... and I'm feeling way too much guilt to let it continue.


Time to become the Schedule Nazi. No rest for you!

I just put the finishing touches on Darling Daughter's school schedule, and my own will run alongside that.

Wakeup time to 7 - read blogs and email
7-9am - Exercise, etc.
9-10am - Run errands while she's at the library.
10-11am - Work
11-12 - Eat lunch, exercise, be available for questions about school, etc.
12-1 - Hang out with Hubby
1-5 - Work, teach, exercise, etc.
5-7 - Dinner
7-Bedtime - Work. (If the hands get tired, sneak in a little TV.)

Daughter has classes from 10-11 and 12-5, during which I make myself available for discussion, questions, instruction, etc., but she doesn't need full-time guidance anymore. I'm more support staff than teacher these days, which is just as well since she's already past anything I can actually give instruction on. (Seriously, what would I know about Chemistry, Physics, Higher Math, or Spanish? I never took those classes.)

Here's hoping I stick to the schedule. So far, it's looking good, but we'll see how it works from here. If I slip this time, I'm going to kick my own butt.

Do you have a schedule? How's it working out for you?


  1. I need a better schedule than I have. I need to include exercise, which I've fallen away from and spend less time surfing the net.

  2. Goodluck!

    I did have a schedule but now that school has started again and most of my days are different I'll just have to take it as it comes.