Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday's Super Site

Earlier this week, I wrote about changing your mind to change your life. One of the reasons this came up was an almost insignificant event in the course of life. The local store had a sale on blue jeans. I bought two pair for me and one pair for Darling Daughter. Of course, we didn't try them on, because I know our sizes... Or I thought I did. Then I got home. The size 12s I bought for me felt like they were going to cut me in half, so I tried on the kid's size 14. Still too tight.

It being summer, I haven't worn much but baggy shorts and summery pull-on pants. I had no clue I'd gained that much around the middle. I mean, I knew I was a little thicker, but this was ridiculous - especially since the scale hasn't really gone up more than a couple pounds.

I know you're waiting for the Super Site... I'm getting to that...

Anyway, the whole jeans incident lit a fire under my ever-widening butt (which is a phrase I've always used in jest, but now it's become prophetic). I dug into the whole exercise thing with a vengeance - as did Darling Daughter. The stuff I printed off says to do these exercises three times a day along with a thirty minute workout. So far, we're getting about 75% of that done.

Then I read a post over at the Fictionistas regarding the question of getting a lap-band installed. In our case, it's not something I'd consider, but I understand the dilemma. Weight loss is hard. My sister has battled with obesity for thirty years. As far as I know, right now she's holding steady at a healthy weight, and it wasn't surgery that did it for her. It was...

The Biggest Loser

I know some of you watch the show. I've watched it for years now, simply for the inspiration factor. Last year daughter and I watched it as motivation to get healthier. I don't know what this season will bring, but I'm hoping we can use what we see there to get back into our clothing. Hell, I'd love to get back into those size 10s I've been saving since I got married. (Five years and 20+ pounds later.) Once upon a time I was a size 6, but I looked gross that skinny, so 10 will have to do.

Sure, it will take some major attitude and habit changes, but I think I can do it. I hope Daughter can do it, too. Now's the time when she needs to develop good habits so she can grow into a healthy adult with a long life ahead of her.

How about you? Ever had to battle your weight? Even if you don't have a weight problem, do you worry about ways to keep fit - especially since our job is almost entirely sedentary?


  1. Being officially middle aged, with my middle widening though the scales are stable (and 10 pounds too high), I worry about both weight and fitness. Obesity runs in both sides of the family. My sister had a lap band installed, and the first thing she did was learn to eat around it. After three years, she is still 50 pounds overweight.

    I try to walk for half an hour each day, but living in Texas means walking in figure eights inside my tiny house. On the days when it is not too hot and humid - which are rare, this time of year - the biting bugs are thick enough to merit a bee-keepers suit. ;-)

  2. Weight is a constant struggle for me. If I gave in and ate the way my stomach told me to, I'd be 300 lbs in about 3 months.

  3. Both sides of my family are pretty curvy (as am I). The problem I seem to be having is I eat good portion amounts (many say they are even too small) and I don't really eat junk food. It makes me sick if I have too much. The only thing I do have is a bowl of ice cream once a week. And yet, still curvy. I know that I gained weight my first year of college but I haven't been able to get rid of it yet. So when the semester starts, college roommate and I are going to make use of the gym there. I'm actually excited about it, I've heard that working out can be a really good "plot" time for writing.

    My other problem is I have extremely low iron, and although I am taking iron pills my energy levels are next to zip. My doctor is trying to figure out where all the iron is going but so far, no luck.