Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Book Review

Okay, so I still haven't finished a book. I'm halfway through one, though, and I should be done today or tomorrow, so why not?

This week's book is by another of the wonderful gals at Murder She Writes - Toni McGee Causey - and she's written what is so far a fun romp through the Lousiana bayou called Charmed and Dangerous.

As I said, I'm only about halfway through, but I'm really enjoying the story of Bobbie Faye Sumrall. She's a one woman wrecking crew and everyone in the town of Lake Charles, LA knows it.

From Toni's site: "Bobbie Faye is looking forward to the Lake Charles Contraband Days Festival with balloons, booze and babies in pirate costumes. Instead, her trailer's flooded, her no-good brother's been kidnapped, and the criminals are demanding her mom's tiara as ransom."

Reading this book has been a roller-coaster ride so far. Right now, Bobbie's running from the law with a guy who may or may not be a hitman hired to kill her. I can't wait to see if he's the good guy he appears to be, or the bad guy the Feds are making him out to be.

Anyway, I rarely make a recommendation based on a partial read, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this book is worth buying. It's a fun read, and just what I need to take my mind off my own work - which before last night was giving me fits.

Take a moment to slip into Bobbie Faye's life of train wrecks. If nothing else, it will remind you that nothing in your own life is nearly that bad. ;o)

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