Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sorry I've been quiet lately, but life comes at ya sometimes, ya know? Part of the problem is I let things pile up and now I'm working to get everything I should've had done weeks ago finished. Procrastination, doncha know.

After some work last week, and a little more this week, I'll be caught up. I think. I hope. Maybe.

The major thing left is to power clean the house - top to bottom, leaving no dust mote unaccosted. You see, my MIL is coming for a visit, and she's staying here. That's never happened before, and I'm spazzing about the state of the house. Don't get me wrong. My MIL is a cool lady. I'm still going to make sure our home is the sparkliest it can be before she gets here. She'll only be here for a few days, but it'll be the cleaniest days this house has ever seen.

Then after she leaves, school will start up again. Junior year for my junior person. Six hours a day of preparation for college and life beyond. It'll be as intense for me as it is for her.

And she starts driver's ed this week. :shudder:

Ah, life.

What's going on in your life lately?


  1. I need to power clean too although no MIL visit, just plain needs it.

  2. So, you will end up with a very clean house once your MIL leaves and school starts, leaving you with time to do what you probably really want to do anyway!! That will be a great feeling!

  3. I agree with Kristen. I need more sleep, LOL!