Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Book Review

This week's review is a great new YA paranormal: My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent. You might know Rachel through her incredible Shifters series - a different twist on lycanthropy where the main characters are all werecats. This is Rachel's first venture into YA, and while her writing remains in the paranormal realm, she's shifted (pardon the pun) to a different race of supernatural beings - the Bean Sidhe (or as most people might know them, the Banshee).

Kaylee Cavanaugh's got a problem - she thinks she's going nuts, and her family is ready to put her back in the fruitfarm. But who can blame them when she breaks into bouts of hideous screaming for no apparent reason. The only one who doesn't treat her like she's out of her mind is the cutest boy in school - Nash - and he's got his own secrets. Finding out you're a bean sidhe is certainly better than being insane, but being a human tornado siren for death isn't the best way to win friends and influence people - especially the one who's causing teenage girls all over town to drop dead. Now Kaylee has to get a grip on the magic she just found out she has and stop the killings before they strike too close to home.

I really did love this book. Rachel's got a way of writing that keeps me turning pages and loving the characters she provides. She also has a way of making me disappointed when the book ends, because I want more. Thank goodness this is only the beginning of her Soul Screamers series. My Soul to Save will be out January 2010, and My Soul to Lose is scheduled to be released July of next year (although her site says 2009 - must be a typo).

So, if you're looking for a good read for yourself or for the teen you love, pick up a copy of My Soul to Take. Neither of you will be disappointed. My own teen and I will have to arm wrestle to see who reads the next books first. ;o)

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