Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Update

What a weird week! Sheesh. I mean, I really should've been able to get more work done, but I let every little thing interfere with my work, and then when I finally had the time, my damn back went screwy and I couldn't do anything but lay on the couch. :grumble: Stupid body.

Anyway, I only got 5000 or so words out this week, and that was Saturday-Monday. On the upside, I figured out what to do with that secondary character, and I know where I'm headed with the next few scenes. (I'm not telling what I decided.)

Y'all already know about the main event this week, which was Darling Daughter's birthday. And the main derailer, which was Firebrand's snafu. Take away those two things, and the week was pretty bland.

One thing this week... I went a little crazy at the bookstores. I didn't mean to, but I was so behind on some of the things I wanted to buy. I finally got ahold of Prey by Rachel Vincent, and I also found the first book in Rachel's new YA series. Also, I took the leap and bought the remaining Dresden books I hadn't read. A pleasant surprise was finding Allison Brennan's next book - which I didn't even know was out yet. Plus, I picked up an anthology with some authors I love and a non-fiction that looked intriguing. Oh, and I can't forget the latest Jeaniene Frost.

With all these books to read, I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to write. I love getting lost in a book, but if I let myself do that, I'll never get my own books written.

How was your week?


  1. Lots of writing. Which will be repeated next week and the week after and the week after that and...

  2. I'm sorry your body wasn't cooperating with your plans! Good job getting 5000 out still!