Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekly Update

All in all it was a good week - perfect for ending on Good Friday.

Since my last update:

- I wrote just over ten thousand words on Fertile Ground. (Still hating that title, but now I'm stuck with it until I finish the damn thing.) I'm zooming right along, and last night I hit an awesome plot twist I wasn't expecting. I left my heroine in deep straits. Wheee.

- I didn't get a whole lot of redinking work done on Nano, but since prior to last Friday I hadn't gotten anything done, I'm going it as progress. The first several chapters are bleeding red, and I'm ready to get back to fixing everything... Tomorrow.

- In case you missed the last post, I sent out a few queries this week and got a request for full. It's a well-known person, but until I actually have an agent, I'm still not naming names on the internet. If she's reading this blog, she knows who she is. :waves: (Psst... I'm not a loon, really.)

Things I meant to do but haven't:

- Still haven't finished inputting all that information into my agent database, and now I have to input this week's queries in as well. I just started and I'm behind already.

- Get halfway through the redink process on Nano. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to turn off a rerun of Frasier and get to work? Some days harder than I would've thought.

How was your week? Got any sparkly news to share?

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