Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Book Review

Sorry I'm late. I usually have these written on Saturday, but yesterday wasn't conducive to reviewing anything. Now it's come around to Sunday morning and my brain isn't quite awake yet. Here's hoping today's review makes sense...

I haven't been reading this month. What with writing new words and editing, I just haven't had the time (and unfortunately when I'm focused on my own books, I don't have much of an inclination either). So, for this week's book review, I'm going back to a February read.

About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken is a wonderful twist on the fantasy romance. Aiken takes the idea of a damsel in distress rescued by a handsome swordsman and turns it on its ear. Sure, she's a damsel, and she's in distress. Certainly he's handsome (hot, in fact) and he rescues her, but he's also a dragon. While she's happy to get away from the villagers who want to kill her, she's not happy about being picked up and carried away from her mission.

If he knew what her mission was, he would've put her right back into the peril he plucked her from. Except he wants her and the more he learns about her, the more that want turns into love.

Now, this is Aiken's second book in the series of Dragon Kin. Her first - Dragon Actually - was a pretty good opening into the world, but since it was actually two novellas under one cover, it didn't carry enough story to stick out as a favorite read. (It was enough to get me to buy the next book, though, so it did its job.) About a Dragon accomplishes what its predecessor didn't. I am enthralled with the world and the characters.

I mean, it's easy to hook me with a romance where the dragon can shape shift into a human at will. (Otherwise, it makes the logistics of romance too damn hard - and too weird, IMO.) After I'm hooked I want some awesome writing, characters I can root for, and a plot that keeps me turning pages. Aiken delivers all this and more with About a Dragon.

I can't wait to see what the next book will bring. (There has to be a next book. She left too many dragon siblings without a mate, and I need to see what happens between the youngest dragon and the willful human teen.)

And that's really the mark of a good series, right? Needing to know what happens to the rest of the characters and wanting to spend more time in their world?

So, if you're up for a rollicking ride through Aiken's world, pick up Dragon Actually and/or About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken. Fantasy and romance buffs alike should be happy with the purchase.

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