Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Words!

No, your eyes don't deceive you. There really is a new progress meter over there, and it really is for a new book. Of course, Fertile Ground won't be its actual title, but the book is begun.

This story was originally meant to be a sequel to Manhunter, but since I haven't gotten an agent for Manhunter, I decided to take what I'd already written and rewrite it to be a stand alone novel. It is still based on the same fictional governmental agency as Manhunter, and I'm borrowing the head hauncho as a peripheral character. Everything else is different, and hopefully this can serve as a launching point for the series - even though Manhunter couldn't. Hell, if I work it right maybe this book can help Manhunter get published (after some massive rewriting based on the full rejection I got). You never know.

Anyway, sitting here last night trying to figure out which book was going to be next, I looked through my ideas file, and this one begged to be written next. I checked out the pages I already wrote, still loved the beginning and scrapped the next scene. Too bad, because it was also good - it just didn't fit with where I want this story to go now. (And it's in its own little 'snipped scene' file - I never throw anything away.)

It feels so good to write new words again. I love all my stories, but this new word feeling is the best. I get to watch the story unfold in my head even as my fingers are laying it down on paper (or electrons, as the case may be). It was only 1200, but new words are new words, and I'm celebrating them.

Don't worry, folks. This isn't an April Fools joke. I really am writing again. Here's hoping I have a new first draft by Memorial Day.

Meanwhile, I am almost ready to send Blink out into the world. I finished the tweaking yesterday. All I need now is to tighten up the synopsis, and I'm ready to go.

God, I love Spring.


  1. Good for you! New words are awesome. I'd like some of my own today. lol

  2. I've been a bit behind on my blog rounds so I'm just not getting here.

  3. I predict many new words for you today. =o)

  4. Awesome! I need to get some new words down today as well.