Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekly Update, etc.

Since last Friday, I...

- wrote 8200 words (although most of that was for a book I stopped writing)
- inked up most of Nano. Only a few chapters left and I can start making changes to the electronic version. Yay.
- read a book - which may not sound important, but I've been so focused on writing, my reading time has been curtailed.
- sent some more queries and received my first couple rejections. (No word on either the full or the partial yet, but I didn't expect a quick turnaround on either.)
- started a new book. Yay!

In other news...

Spring is ramping up to full swing here in NE CO. The birds are singing, the neighbor's tulips are blooming, and the scrubby little shrub in the front yard is finally getting leaves (I thought it was dead).

The stray cat I feed - named Mama Kitty - is preggers again. (So you can understand why I call her that.) If she let me near her, I'd scoop her up and get her spayed. No one deserves to be a baby factory, and this town doesn't need any more feral kitties running around. The hubby even half-joked about finding this next litter and stealing a baby for our very own. (Only one survived out of her last litter - BB Kitty - and it is quite possibly the cutest kitty I've ever seen. Seriously. Too bad it's feral, or I'd keep him/her for my very own.)

I've really got to stop naming all the local critters. My poor husband can't tell who's who any more, and he always gets this adorable look when I start talking about Murray or Jay or Bob. Murray is the black & white longhair cat, Jay is the black cat, and Bob is my catfood eating robin. There's also Max the tabby, Simon the grey cat (formerly Simone until he started wooing MamaKitty), not to mention Oliver the nuthatch, Syracuse the housefinch and Percival O. Possum (the O stands for Oleander, btw - yes, I'm a kook).

My own Kira kitty watches all of them with distain from her perch at the window. I get the distinct feeling she thinks I'm cheating on her with all the other cats.

What about you? Do you have pets that aren't really your pets? Oh, and back to the subject of this post, how was your week?

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