Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday's Super Site

This week's super site is a new favorite for me...

MamaWriters Community

Per their own banner, "Raising kids. Writing Romance. MamaWriters - it's all about the love."

Raising kids and writing anything is all about the love, and I do love this site.

I found MW through a post Roxanne St. Claire wrote at Murder, She Writes. She was guest blogging at MamaWriter one day, and since I like Roxanne, I zipped over to see what she'd written. I read her post, then all the posts before her (which were few, since it was a new site). I was hooked.

It's hard enough being a writer without being a parent, too. And being the primary caregiver - whether you're a mama or a papa - can make writing that much harder. You have to schedule writing time around kid time - which is all the time unless they're old enough to amuse themselves. You have to be able to stop, mid-sentence and patch a boo-boo or answer a question. As a writing parent, you have to expect interruptions when you least want them, and be able to pick up where you left off without missing a beat.

At MamaWriters, they talk about their writing. They also talk about their kids. And they discuss how to merge the two halves of Parent/Writer (or Writer/Parent depending on the day).

They haven't been around long, but I look forward to many interesting posts in the future. And believe me, as a writing parent myself, it's nice to have a place where everyone understands the hurdles involved in succeeding at both.

So, whether you're a mama or a papa - be it children or furbabies - stop on by. And if you're neither, stop by anyway. There's usually something for any writer to glean from their words of wisdom.

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