Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 6

Another week on the books for 2020.  I wish I could say I had accomplished more.

Let's not talk about writing, shall we?  Or editing.  Or marketing.  Basically, I was either a toad and did nothing, or my efforts were for naught. 

I did a bit of reading last week.  Finished two good books and DNF'd three not-so-good books.  I picked up a boatload of new books - both ebook and hardcopy - so yay.

On the activity front, I did active stuffs 4 out of 7 days, so not really that bad, but I feel like I should've done more.  On the upside, I'm at 179.6 lbs and that's 3 pounds down from the start of the year.  I think that's because I've cut ice cream and chips from my diet, and added fruit and yogurt.  This was a week where I actually expected to gain or hold steady because it was shot week.  :shrug:  I'll take a loss however it came.

I made more granola bars this week.  It's a regular thing now, so no big woohoo.  The applesauce bread I made last week is gone, so I will probably make some more of that after I get to the store and buy more applesauce.

I went fishing last Sunday.  Didn't get a single bite.  Of course, I expected that would happen.  It's too cold to fish and the fish aren't biting anywhere I can reach them anyway.  Still, it was nice to be at the lake for a while instead of sitting here.

Speaking of weather, we were supposed to get hammered on Wednesday, but only got a dusting.  I think the system dropped all its snow in Oklahoma - sorry, Okies - and didn't have much left for me.  Oh, shucky-darns.  ;o)

Not sure what the week ahead will bring.  I need to spend some time giving myself a stern talking to again.  Here's hoping I have better and more interesting things to talk about next Sunday.

How was your week? 


  1. It was a week. Some good, some boring, some...ehh. Had Stormy two afternoons. Continue working with Jake on his manners. His one "problem" now (besides not always minding when I tell him "STAY" is that people come up and just start to pet. Or he sees a likely mushy-heart and noses in for the pet. When he's working, that's a no. If people ask, I'll take him off duty for brief pats. The ones that come up and just start petting, I patiently explain about working service dogs--that he is NOT a therapy dog (though he's so gently and loving he COULD be!) nor an "emotional support dog." He is a working service dog in training. When we stop, I want him either sitting or standing next to me and leaning against my leg--to help balance. I want him focused on me in case of stumbles when he should automatically move close to give me something to catch on to for support. Because that's what LG needs--and as clumsy as I am, me too! LOL Anyway, he is getting better but people and STAY need work. 🐶

    I did get some work done. After a slow start, I had a hard finish at the end. By yesterday afternoon, I'd finished revising 22 chapters. Now I need to go back and add in a chapter, except I'm debating whether to put it in the transition and retrofit it or insert it where it belongs in the timeline. Decisions, decisions. I hope to finish the major revisions this week. We'll see. Brain width is at a minimum. 🤞

    Listened to a delightful magic realism novella, LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON by Karen Hawkins. It was my reading highlight of the week, though JD Robb's newest GOLDENT IN DEATH is a close second. Currently listening to a C. Feehan and anticipate that I'll be more tempted to work than listen this coming week because so far? Yeah...not that excited, though I like the series. The reviews are all over the place. 🤷

    There was other stuff this week but I don't remember at the moment. Oh, yeah. We got your snow for sure. 😛 And it's cloudy today. Ah well. One more cup of coffee, a shower, and then work. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just catch up on LIVE PD from the DVR.

    Have a great week!

    1. Busy gal! Yay for Stormy time! Yay for good boy Jake! Yay for work! And for reading! I hope your this week is as productive and full of YAYs as last week!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out where the week disappears to.

    I did get a few more illustrations cleaned up, but most of them belong in the NEXT book. I really need to prioritize, not just scan every interesting picture that comes along.

    1. I totally hear that, Deb. Yay for getting illustrations cleaned up! But yeah, you should probably be focused on this book and not the next - says the gal who can't focus on anything.