Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 7

It's Sunday morning and here I am typing the Sunday Update post because, yeah, I forgot to write it out and schedule it.  This does not bode well for the week.

No writing.  I'm up to page 75 in editing on Ugly and the Beast.  I start the week with the best of intentions, but then... piffle.

I did my marketing thing for the OUAD sale.  8 sales - 2 of each book.  Yay.   The sale is still ongoing, so fingers crossed I sell some more books before it ends.  And then get some page reads afterwards.

Not a banner reading week.  I finished two old paperbacks but actually finishing an ebook was a bust until late yesterday afternoon.  That was a fun one. 

I made another loaf of applesauce bread.  That stuff is awesome.  Then for Valentine's Day, I made a pineapple upside-down cake from scratch.  I thought the cake was too dense, but Hubs declared it a winner.  I'm still going to tweak the recipe before I post it, though.  If you want the easy way, put a sliced up stick of butter in your 9x13" cake pan and put the pan in the oven while the oven is preheating.  When the butter is melted, take the pan out and stir in 2/3rds cups of brown sugar until it's all wet and gooey.  Then stir in one can of pineapple - crushed or tidbits works best for me - making sure the pineapple and the goo are evenly distributed.  Pour your yellow box cake batter - made according to box directions - evenly over the pineappley goodness.  Bake 30-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.  Voila!  You're supposed to turn the whole cake over to serve, but what a pain.  I leave mine in the pan and flip over the pieces as I serve them.  The effect is the same.  :shrug:

It was a pretty good week for activity - 5 out of 7 days - with most of it being outside 'woods work'.  But I gained a pound back - 180.6.  :shrug:  Probably the bread and the cake. 

Speaking of woods work, Hubs and I decided to expand our yard to the south - a previously untouched portion of woods and overgrown old yard.  What a mess.  Seriously.  The property owner before us had no issue with throwing garbage in the woods.  We got all that picked up except for a pile of white tile I discovered under the weeds and behind a rose bush.  Ugh, rose bushes.  They're everywhere over there, so it was quite the battle.  I was going to try taming them back and leaving them, but they were so aggressive they had to die.  And we also have these wild bushes all over that propagate by shoots.  They pull right up out of the ground, but when you pull one the runner leads to the next one and the next one and... I probably pulled a few dozen up over there.  We're leaving the trees that have grown up over there since we bought this place.  Once they have leaves again, I'll figure out what they are and whether they get to stay.  And of course, we already know which ones are cedars.  Those stay.  We also have various vines to battle - Virginia creeper, climbing rose, and wild grape. And this one vine with ouchy spikes and spade shaped leaves of mottled green.  That last one is nasty.  Oh, and somewhere in there is poison ivy.  I think I already killed most of it in previous summers, but I won't know for sure until it leafs out. 

Anyway, that's my life right now.  This is a whole new week with new possibilities.  I hope to make the best of it.  Like I said, I start the week with the best of intentions.  Then again, my father always said 'intentions are for shit'.  :shrug:

How did your week go?  Do anything interesting?  Bake anything good?  Accomplish anything worthwhile?  Talk to me, people.


  1. I can't remember ANYTHING about the past week. Shows how boring my life is.

    I did get a few more illustrations cleaned up. Intentions: ditto.

    Yay for cleaning up more of your yard! Too bad the roses are so aggressive you can't keep them. I love roses, but I can't keep any alive here, not without a lot more work than I'm willing to do. And to think I used to want an English garden. ;-)

  2. Y'all go! I remember taming a huge yard and discovering "treasures" as we did. That said, I don't miss it. Bad knees. Blerg.

    Like Deb, my week was pretty boring. I did get some new words written on BETRAYAL and I keep piddling around with the Moonstruck Mafia project when doing flash fiction challenges.

    And since my week was boring, I need to start thinking about my own blog for tomorrow. If I don't come up with stuffs, it's gonna be short and not-so-sweet.

    Here's to a new week of possibilities.