Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 8

Eight weeks into the new year.  I'll admit my resolve fell down already, but I kicked my own butt and I'm back on track again.  Mostly.

I haven't written any new words, but I'm editing along nicely again.  I worked through about 90 pages of line by line edits.  Almost made myself cry at one point - the story not the editing.  Jeni's nieces and nephews are too damn cute to have had such a shitty dad.  Anyway, I've got about 45 pages left to go and then a quick read through to make sure I didn't leave any huge errors. 

I finished out the marketing for the Once Upon a Djinn series with 8 sales - 2 each - and no page reads yet.  Oh well.  I tried.  Once I get some new books out into the world, maybe sales will improve.

My reading week was pretty good.  I finished three and only DNF'd one, and I ended the week yesterday with an awesome Mickey Spillane.  (Awesome Mickey Spillane is redundant.)

On the activity front, I did 4 out of 7 days - three days straight of the yard expansion project and then 3 days off with a mile or so walk yesterday and kneading rolls.  Yeah, kneading counts as exercise when you do it for 8 minutes straight.  I was burning calories like crazy there, folks.  Upper body workout like you wouldn't believe.  Anyway...  I'm back at 179.0 again.  Roller coaster time.  Wee.

Speaking of rolls, I was trying a new recipe yesterday.  Iranian Barbari rolls.  It sounded easy.  Umm...  It was more effort than it was worth, so let's not talk about that, k?  Earlier in the week I made oatmeal cookies, though, and that recipe always works.  Yay.  Today, I'm thinking maybe a chocolate cake is necessary.  We'll see.  I was going to make more applesauce bread, but Hubs has been eating the applesauce straight, so there isn't enough left for bread.  Next time I hit the Wallyworld, I'm gonna buy an economy size vat of applesauce.

The yard expansion project is as finished as it's going to get until Spring.  Hubs did the last of the clearing crap out on Wednesday.  It looks pretty good.  Barren, but good.  Now green things can grow.  There about 6-8 little trees - 3-5' tall - growing in the new yard area.  Once those leaf-out, we'll see which ones get to stay and whether any of them can go.  They might all stay.  We'll see.  The most satisfying part was getting the vines off all those trees.  A couple poor sycamores were being killed by those damn vines.  No more.  Fingers crossed the sycamores recover.  I like sycamores.

It's been too cold to go fishing, which is driving me nuts.  I need to sit by the lake and drown worms for my sanity.

Alright, I've said more than enough for one Sunday.  How are things with you?


  1. Things are. I mostly vegged to day, feeling anemic in both mind and body. It happens. Weird dreams, insomnia, and waking up early are playing havoc with me.

    I'm piddling on the WIP rather than working diligently. I have plans to do better this week.

    Listened to several books this week. Nothing really exciting but that's why favorites are interspersed with the new stuff. You might like Louise Penny's books. If you come across one, you might give her a try.

    Have the feeling it'll be an early night, because I'm definitely late getting around on the 'net today. Ah well.

    Have a week filled with possibilities!

  2. I was planning on an early night, but I got a few pattern orders. Yay! Now I'm running behind. Oh, well. Who needs sleep? ;-)

    Hang in there. It'll be warm enough to go fishing in a couple of weeks.

    I remembered to count how many illustrations I finished this week: only 13. I need to get my rear in gear. But I finished that source and can start on the next one tomorrow. In some ways the new one will be easier, in others harder. I'll be interesting to see what gets done this week.

    Keep on trucking, my friend!