Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday This n That

I saw someone on FB talking about fake meat - like BK's 'impossible' burger.  Sorry, I don't do fake meat.  And it's seems a bit hypocritical to me that BK is pushing their fake meat burgers as if meat is bad when meat is what made them rich.  Just sayin'.

I dated a vegetarian once... as in one date.  He took me to McDonalds.  He ordered a Big Mac with no meat.  It was just special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.  It was kind of sad looking without the two all-beef patties.  I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed my all meat quarter pounder.  Too each their own.  (And no, I didn't refuse him another date because he was a vegetarian, although that was reason enough... no future there... and not even because he took me to McD's as a date when I was old enough to know what a real date was... but because he kissed like a gagging goldfish. Ew.)  I also had a really good friend once who was vegan.  She couldn't eat meat.  Couldn't even handle if chicken broth had been used in a dish.  Except every once in a while, she had me sneak her a coney dog for lunch.  I never understood that.

Today's bird of the day is a loon.  I love loons.  I rarely see one, but hearing them out at the lake makes me happy.  They're only passing through, though.  Loons aren't year-round visitors here.  I guess that makes it extra special when I hear one.

I have thirteen pages left to edit, which I will get done today.  You know, if those 13 pages don't end up being like 30.  ;o)

Tonight, I'll be using my new Foreman grill for the first time.  Burger night!  Yay! 

Does dry creamer ever go bad?  Yeah, it's got a 'best by' date on it, but they put those on everything now whether they're necessary or not.  Sometimes I think the date is simply on there to sell more stuff.  I did toss a mostly full bottle of Western salad dressing yesterday.  The date was in January and I had a really bad experience with past-date salad dressing.   Lucky for us, we haven't had salad since last year.

The other day I saw a book advertised on FB that sounded really interesting, so I hopped on over to Amazon for further investigation.  It had plenty of good reviews and like 4 really bad ones.  Three of those were hammering it for being a conservative leaning novel, which the readers should've seen from looking at the blurb, so I assume they bought it in order to bitch about it.  The 4th bad review was all about the really poor formatting and editing.  I didn't end up getting the book, because it's not in the budget right now, but I hope by the time I have the funds, they've fixed the formatting/editing issues. 

Last night, I saw someone lamenting in a book group about getting taken by an unethical 'paid review' service.  He paid $100 for 3 reviews and the reviews were very badly written and didn't seem like they were for the books they were supposed to be for.  He tried to get his money back and was told to basically suck it.  First off, if you're trying to do business with someone who is, on their face, unethical in their business practices, you can't possibly expect them to be ethical with you.  Second, the guy had better hope Amazon doesn't find out he's paying for reviews because then poorly written ones will be the least of his worries.  I get that reviews are insanely hard to get, and the lure of paying a bunch of money to get reviews is a sweet song.  But it's the siren, folks.  Don't do it.

And that's all I've got right now.  What's up with you?

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  1. Uhm...most vegetarians won't eat cheese, butter or any other animal-based foodstuffs. I'm a carnivore. And every time meatless stuff hits, I think of the Eve Dallas books the soy dogs, soy fries, and soy coffee. Love the books, would have to marry someone like Roarke so I could have the real thing. Except I do use soy milk in my coffee. Long story.

    Iffy has been a brat for over a week. I finally told her to take a hike. At 3 a.m. this morning, I sat up in bed, scrambled for something to write on and with, found nothing, and informed my brain I'd cut off the caffiene if it forgot how it cut through the Gordian Knot that is my timeline on the new project. Amazingly, I remembered this morning. Yay. Looking for real progress today.

    This has been a long week. Not sure why. It just has.

    Went out to check the daffodils/jonquils. I didn't plant the bulbs so I'm not sure which they are. I have one bud out there. Yay. I should have a bloom on my birthday. It's a tradition.

    Why does tofu exist?

    I have a craving for fish and chips. Sadly, there's no place to get really good fish and chips. brain is demanding more coffee before I tax it further. Happy Thursday. Later, tater.