Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Commercial Rant

If I hadn't been using TurboTax since like 1998 (when I first got a computer), I would stop using them now just because of their stupid and annoying commercials.  Yeah, it's free (if your taxes are simple), we get it.  Do you think the people who use your free edition are so stupid they need to be told it's free over and over and over again, ad nauseum?  How insulting.

There's a commercial out there, not sure who it's for, where there's a pilot and at first you only see his face.  Then the camera pans back and he's sitting on the john.  Umm, gross. 

Speaking of gross, if you can't do it on TV with people, don't use cartoon bears.  I'm looking at you Charmin.  Although it does remind me of a crass joke involving a bear and a bunny relieving themselves in the woods from back when I told crass jokes on a regular basis.

No, I haven't seen any of the 'Super Bowl Commercials' yet.  If I happen across them when I don't have the TV muted and I'm not doing my standard 'read during commercials' thing, I'll try and make note of them.

Gah, I can't believe the number of commercials out there with obnoxious music (sometimes I'm already reading and forget to hit mute).  Does that stuff really sell burgers or school clothes or what have you? 

Don't get me started on political ads.  Fortunately, so far, I've only really been exposed to them when I'm watching the local channels.  And that's rare, so not really a big deal. 

Also, don't get me started on what I like to call 'the dishwasher bitch' commercial.  I hate that kid.  If that was my kid, she'd be washing dishes by hand until her 18th birthday.  Snotty little brat.  I will never buy Cascade again.

The big elephant in the pistachio commercials is alternately amusing and annoying. 

The new Gieco commercials riffing off the old commercials are amusing me.  I love the raccoons and the woodchucks.  I love the woodchucks so much, I keep riffing off the 'Hey! You woodchucks!  Stop chucking my wood' thing.  "Hey, you woodpeckers!  Stop pecking my wood!" and that sort of stuff.  And of course, the raccoon with his 'STOP!  I think I saw half a cheesesteak back there."  I think he's my spirit animal.  ROFL

On the other hand, I'm sick of Flo at Progressive.  Jamie still kills me.  

Yes, I do watch too much TV.

What commercials annoy you?  Any you particularly enjoy?


  1. There are too many commercials that annoy me, but I like the Home Shield warranty commercial with the Grim Reaper. I can relate. :) https://www.tvcommercialad.com/watch/ztEls7d6xRsFvSI

    And of course I love the Suburu dog commercials. It's kind of old but still makes me laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PKc_hCkTqc

  2. The Subaru Dogs are a favorite. They never get old! There were a few good ones during the Super Bowl. I'll riff on them come Friday on my blog. The Geico raccoons: Dogdogdogdog...

    I miss the Budweiser Clydesdales. The Bud Knight commercials are okay but they aren't the CLYDES!

    I HATE THE Liberty Mutual commercials. ALL OF THEM!!!!

    And, on that note, I need to make a bank run so I can pay some bills. Later, tater. Stay warm!